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Dear friends,

Greetings from Lausanne, Switzerland!

It is such a privilege for us to be able to share about our family and ministry with you. Our aim is that you may be encouraged by the so many God-stories we get to experience in our missionary journey.

Here are some highlights from what it’s been going on lately. We also would love to hear from you and stay in touch.

Be blessed!

Reflections on Faith

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1-

“To have faith” has become such a common expression in our world today, that it is often used to express determination or just a hopeful attitude, when trying to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge. In our journey as a family we have learned that the “assurance of things hoped for” has a much bigger meaning. It is a steady conviction that comes from experiencing God’s unchanging and rock solid goodness. It is a deep trust in who He is that empower us to keep going until we see it through, whatever it takes, however long it may take. (… read more)


An encouraging story

A man from the village of Saint-Hypolite du Fort, in the south of France, was having a summer vacation in Switzerland, about 4 years ago. It was the time of the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival, when he was walking through the beautiful promenade, checking on the various attractions offered there. He stops by a crowd who was watching a man on a unicycle, doing all kinds of moves, from juggling fire to holding his balance on top of a 3 meters (10 feet) high unicycle. At the end of his performance he shared his life story telling that in spite of the great achievements of his life, he only found meaning and purpose for his life in Jesus. Touched by his words, and not exactly sure why, this man responded to this performer’s invitation to pray, and right there decided to give his life to Jesus Christ. After vacation he went back home and continue to seek after God, following Jesus and impacting his home town till this day.







Regeneration 2016

This July 6 to 16 we will be running the 9th edition of Regeneration, a 10 days outreach program that we run during at the annual Montreux Jazz festival. Several teams are coming together to join us in this opportunity to reach out to tens of thousands of people from all over the world, using the arts, hospitality, work with children and families, bible distribution or one-on-one evangelism.

We heard the story above last weekend at a conference from another YWAM missionary who works in that town. It is stories like these that make us excited to do what we do. We believe that God has touched many more people that stopped by our crowd and heard our guys sharing their stories of what he has done in them. We are excited to see how this next edition of Regeneration will unfold.

(Click here for more info on Regeneration 2016)



YWAM Lausanne and Outreach teams

We continue to serve in the leadership team of our campus and are so thankful for the incredible community God has brought together for this season. Our outreach teams from the January DTS are entering their final couple of weeks. They have done and amazing job ministering in Hungary, North Africa and in Lebanon. Their reports are full of great testimonies of great connections and ministry with the refugees and local people, as well as much learning taking place in the life of our students. Please pray that all of God’s purposes will be fulfilled until the very last day.




Much joy and growth with the Family


Our latest addition to the team, Matteo Davi (or Matti), is almost one year old. We love the dynamic our boy adds to the house and his sisters can’t get enough of him and vice-versa (although some time he does have enough 🙂







Melissa is now 4. She one day simply changed from saying a few sentences to a little chatterbox talking her mind away. It’s great to hear her describing the world through her little eyes. She is very funny and always enthusiastic about pretty much everything 🙂 



It’s hard to believe that Camilla is already 7 years old. She is very smart and is in a really fun age to have conversations. She has a beautiful heart, very sensitive and kind. Loves her sister and little brother and it’s great to see how they look up to her.


One decade down, many more to go

On March 24th we celebrated our 10th anniversary. It’s been 10 years full of wonderful memorable experiences with much joy, learning, growth and falling more and more in love with Jesus and each other.

Looking forward to the next decades together!





Please pray for:

  • Continuous health and growth of our family
  • Regeneration 2016
  • Our 3 outreach teams (final days)
  • God’s continuous provision for us and our ministry

Thank you so much for your continuous prayer and support for our family and ministry. Your partnership is a vital part of our lives and we thank God always for having you in our lives.

Many blessings,
The Esmeraldos Five
Daniel, Luzanne, Camilla, Melissa and Matteo Davi

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