November 2016 Update

“ And we know with great confidence that God who is deeply concerned about us causes all things to work together as a plan for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.”
-Romans 8:28-


Dear friends,

Greetings from YWAM Lausanne Switzerland!

The Esmeraldo family is doing great. To fall more and more in love with Jesus has meant also to trust in Him more and more through all situations – in the glorious moments but also in the harder times. This is one of the things we are deepening in our learning nowadays. The truth affirmed in the verse above has been a great encouragement and anchor for us this year. Here is an update of what we’ve seen God do through our ministry.

Regeneration 9th edition

This past Summer, we had the privilege to run this ten day outreach for the 9th time during the annual Montreux Jazz Festival. It was a powerful event, partnering with many people and ministries from around the world as well as from the local area.

Our “camp” was located in Vevey (neighboring town to Montreux) with about 80 people from many nations. We were gathering to worship, learn and to make Jesus known to thousands of Festival goers, growing in our understanding of Evangelism and in how to represent Him through the Performing Arts, Children ministries, hospitality service, sharing and bible distribution.

Our combined efforts reached out to thousands of people with 500 one on one conversations about God, praying for 140 people and interacted with dozens of children and families. Seven people made a decision to follow Jesus (that we know of) and we distributed 620 bibles and over 4,000 tracks in 40 languages.

We were also so blessed and thankful to have a team from our Church, Dove Westgate in PA as a part of the outreach. They added so much strength and were a great support in all God did throughout this time.

YWAM Together Gathering in Kansas City, USA

Luzanne was able to be part of the team who were hosting this global event at the YWAM Campus in Kansas City. Her role involved to support the event leaders, through the production of the overall program. It was a highlight and great learning experience. Working alongside great men and women of God was a great opportunity and experience.

Over 3 000+ people gathered for this 6 day event with the focus on ‘ending Bible Poverty now’, ‘understanding the spheres of society’ and ‘the crucial role of the prayer movement in missions”. Click here to read is a brief summary of what took place at this historical event (written by one of the main leaders Lynn Green).

Season in YWAM Lausanne

“Prepare for growth” is the word God has been speaking to us, calling us to get ready, preparing for more. Currently we are a community of approximately 150 people from about 20+ nations. Daniel is involved in the day to day leadership where much wisdom and preparation is needed on all fronts. From developing new systems to improving ways so we can better equip and disciple more young people. Empowering our team and strengthening the administrative and operational back bone to support the multiplication we believe God wants to bring to us for greater fruit for His Kingdom.
Luzanne is adding her strength in the weekly Community gatherings, giving oversight in the ministry of Worship, corporate intercession times, local outreach and Special events such as the Christm
as Outreach Event in the City.
Living right next to our ministry campus enable us to have the space to invest in many of our young leaders, while caring for our family and home. We love to connect with our community and schools also in our home environment.
(Photos: our current staff team / in our house with the English/Mandarin DTS)

News on our family

Opportunity to see His blessing
This year we experienced major challenges in our home with water infiltration and mold problem. The investigations of the problem led to the conclusion of a few faulty construction issues. We praise God that many of the repairs can be covered by insurance and the construction company is picking up some of the cost. However this issue has also affected our financial liquidity a great deal that we urgently need to see a breakthrough. Please stand with us in prayer for financial release and for wisdom for this to be fully resolved in a speedy and smooth process. (This problem has been going on since beginning of July).

Meeting grandparents
Daniel was able to introduce Matteo to his grandparents in Brazil. They traveled together with Camilla, during the October School holidays. We felt it was an important step to take as it has been three years since Daniel was in Brazil or have seen his parents. Luzanne and Melissa stayed in Lausanne. They enjoyed quality time together, even though it was tough not being with the rest of the family in Brazil. God is good and His ways are higher than ours, and we felt this was a specific assignment God had for us with our family and children in this time. We also thank God for those who enabled us to go, generously and sacrificially giving for this specific purpose.

Prayer for our kids
Camilla is 7, turning 8 years old in January. She is now in her 4th year of school and is still trying to master the French language (although she does really well and learn more each day). We notice that this can be a challenge in times and affect her joy of learning. Please pray for grace for her and wisdom for us to know how to best help and empower her through this.

Melissa is 4 and turns 5 in February. She is a joyful little person and loves to encourage people in their beauty and qualities (in words wiser beyond her age). She just started school and is enjoying so far. Please pray her
French learning goes well and that this will be a great foundation for the upcoming years.

Matteo is 16 months now. He is growing well and slowly starting to cruise around the house. He really adds to the family with his laughter, words slowly forming and repeating all everyone is saying.
Please pray for:

  • New season of growth at YWAM Lausanne
  • Continuous health and growth of our family, especially kids.
  • Breakthrough for finances and wisdom to fully resolve water issue in our house
  • God’s continuous provision for us and our ministry

Thank you so much for your continuous prayer and support for our family and ministry. Your partnership is a vital part of our lives and we thank God always for having you in our lives.

Many blessings,
The Esmeraldos
Daniel, Luzanne, Camilla, Melissa & Matteo   

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