Thanksgiving 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!

We thank God for……our family!
For the growth of our Kids, His favor over our house and His daily wisdom for us as we raise our children. Being far from both our families it can be hard at times, but we are thankful for the peace and love in our home.… the fruits of his Kingdom!
Serving in missions is our calling and passion. To experience transformation in people’s lives, seeing people coming to know Jesus and the many opportunities we have to engage with Him in the expansion of his Kingdom is a great privillege.

… challenges!
“Wait, what?” Yep. Not usually in the top of the list of thankfulness. But through it we can testify that God’s grace is real and true. It’s steady and limitless. We have grown and see Him shaping us through those times.

… for YOU!!
We can’t say thank you enough. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for your friendship, partnership, prayers and support in every way. We thank God always for your life and for joining our lives together in this incredible journey.

In this season of remembering his goodness we pray God’s continuous blessings over you and wish you a great and

Much love,
Daniel, Luzanne, Camilla, Melissa & Matteo   

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