2018! So far, So great!

We hope you have had a great start to this New Year. Our 2018 launch was marked with incredible signs of his faithfulness. With so many lessons learnt and much to be thankful for, we have great anticipation for all that is about to unfold this year

The year has started well here in YWAM Lausanne.  Our new group of students from over 20 nations are now half way through the quarter, and continue hungry after God and his purposes. Our outreach teams from the Fall DTS just arrived from Egypt and Burundi. Hearing them sharing the testimonies with so much passion, seeing how much they have grown since the beginning of their DTS and hearing the incredible stories of how God met people in these nations is so rewarding and a great reminder of why we do what we do. So thankful to be able to serve God as a family in this amazing community He called us to minister with.

We have received greater favor with the city of Lausanne to continue our Local Outreach Ministry. Besides our weekly outreach in the center, we have set one date a month where we can run a bigger event in different squares in the City. We just had our first Outreach this year with the theme “God IS good!” In spite of the cold weather, our community could talk to several people, distribute bibles and pray for many individuals. We trust this is only the beginning of what is coming up this year, as the city has opened official doors for the Gospel to be shared.

One of our Vision building projects this year is the running of an Event Management Seminar. This training program will build up a team that will work towards planning and running the Regeneration Summer Outreach. Check out this video promo that we launched recently. (Click here for more info)

In our last update, we shared about our car that broke down and that we were trusting God for a new one. We are so excited to share that we experienced amazing provision. With all gifts we received, we were able to purchase an Opel Zafira 2017. This car was the exact same one we had tried earlier in our search. However, we felt the price seemed a bit beyond what we could hope to raise. With the turn of the year, the price dropped significantly. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of many, God provided not just any car, but the one that was actually the desire of our hearts. (Even though we didn’t realize it at first). We learnt so much through the whole process. Especially in what it means to wait on the Lord and to surrender completely under His mighty hands.

Prayer requests:

  • Continuous growth of our YWAM Lausanne community
  • Continuous favor with the city of Lausanne for our outreaches
  • Participants for the Event Management Seminar in preparation for Regeneration
  • For our current DTS students as they start to prepare for the outreach phase (Egypt and Budapest)
  • Lundi Français (French Monday). A New Years’ resolution initiative for our family to grow in French. We hope to integrate more with our local life and this would help our kids (us too of course).
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. They are vital for our lives and the fruit of ministry.

Much love,

Daniel, Luzanne, Camilla, Melissa & Matteo

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