Two Kinds of Simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  -Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is often defined as avoiding complexity. While attempting to keep it simple, we often skip important processes and implications that it’s involved in decisions and other things. Human beings are complex. Life is complex. The unsearchable riches of the knowledge of God’s nature and character is complex. We cannot minimise it to its “introductory chapters”. God wants to make himself FULLY known to us. There is a well of infinite wisdom and knowledge that is available for us, and we will find it when we seek Him with all our heart (Jer 33:3).

So what does that mean? Should we all now become scholars, give up our jobs and dedicate the rest of our lives into many years of bible seminary, masters and doctorate degrees? That is the beauty of it. In the end, knowing God and understanding His ways is ultimately SIMPLE. Not the unexamined, complex-avoiding kind of simple. But the kind filled with profound wonder. The rich and complex knowledge made practical and applicable.

The Bible is the greatest example of this. Instead of describing His Nature, the dynamics of His power interacting with our universe, He packages all of that into stories. Real stories of real man and women, like you an me, facing great challenges and impossible situations. When we ponder on these stories and how God interacts and intervene in them, we “understand”. We see Him in our own today-lives. And the deeper we search, more we discover hidden tokens for the fullness of life. As we apply and live them out, we see and experience that same awesome God of the stories, realising that we are a part of that same Story. This is why daily Bible meditation is so important.

Modern education has taught us that we can only know what we can prove. Making physical and palpable reality the only acceptable truth. When we pursuit truth this way, we mistakenly limit God to what we are capable of understanding. The human mind is far too limited to grasp the totality of the Truth. But our ability to know relationally is endless. Jesus said “I am the Truth…” As we know Him personally, Truth becomes known to us. Fully known. This is God’s “ultimate sophistication” of the knowledge of the Truth. And as we walk with Him, that truth is displayed in our day-to-day lives, being made known to other. Put simply, we know and proclaim the Truth and we know Him and walk with Him.

May the fullness of who God is be reality in our lives, as we eagerly pursuit relationship with Him through His word. May we love Him above all things, and become dispenser of Love and Grace to the world around us. May the simplicity of His love be the ultimate sophistication in the way we live our lives.

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